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WryCuda wrote:

I hadn't heard of the StoreMI tech; Interesting, but it's hardly a chore to operate with separate drives.

I totally agree with you here. Earlier this year I built myself a Ryzen 5 2600-based desktop PC for photo processing (DxO PhotoLab 2), editing (Affinity Photo), and management (Photools IMatch) using a 500GB second generation WD Black M.2 NVMe SSD as the primary drive and a WD Blue 4TB HDD as the secondary. After installing Windows 10 Home I simply created the usual top-level user folders (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos) on the D: drive and then changed the Location properties for each of the corresponding shortcuts under This PC in File Explorer to map to my new folders on the D: drive. Very simple.

I hadn't read the StoreMI FAQ so good catch on it only using up to 256GB of an SSD.

With the new desktop PC I mentioned I also noticed, as you have, that the o/s and other software don't really occupy much space. Of the 465GB of NTFS formatted space on my 500GB SSD only 89GB is currently used. In fact so little space was used that when I refurbished the machine that the new desktop PC replaced -- a 9 year old Core i7-920 full tower PC, which I turned into a file server -- I only used a 250GB Samsung 860 EVO SATA SSD for the primary drive, which formatted to 232GB and only has 38GB used for the Windows 10 o/s and other installed software.

So for the OP, there certainly isn't any great need for a large SSD. A 128GB SSD should be more than sufficient for the Windows 10 o/s and your Adobe applications. Going up to a 250GB or larger SSD will give you more flexibility to improve performance, such as locating your Lightroom catalog on the SSD, while keeping your photos on a much larger (but obviously slower) HDD.

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