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Thoughts on my final purchase

Hello again!

A few weeks ago I made a post in this thread about the Lowepro Protactic being on sale and be making up my mind about my purchase. I thought I would share my thoughts and how I set it up, now that I've used the backpack for a few weeks on some 4-6 hour camera walks around where I live.

Thanks to everyone for their help and discussions in this thread.

I'm not going to write a full-on review, but here are a few of my observations.

First of all, am I happy with my choice? Yes, I really enjoy it, although it is not perfect. It fits everything I want it to, it looks great, is very flexible and the build quality seams solid after the short time that I have had it.

Is it the do-it-all backpack I was after? I would say almost. There is one scenario that I will not use it for and that is hiking. Although the straps and carrying system is perfectly fine for shorter carries and weekend-getaways involving a hotel or other scenarios where you can unpack some of the load before heading out to shoot. However, when carrying it for a full day or more it does put some strain on my shoulders and back (even when I use the hip-belt and chest strap). What I have decided to do is take the advise of Chris 222 in his thread here for this scenario. His thread is an amazing read with great information. I'll let you read it for yourself, but the tldr is: I'm buying a proper hiking backpack in the spring with a camera-insert. Making the answer to my do-it-all backpack quest; a backpack-duo.

For those interested, here is how I setup my backpack. I am sorry about the horrible pictures. I used my phone and the light in my living room is horrid when it's dark outside.

I have my tripod in the back of the pack and my water bottle on the right side to be able to reach it without taking of the pack. It works okay, but I wish that the water bottle pocket would be stiffer to make it easier to put the bottle back after using it. I'm considering cutting a 1.5-2 liter PET bottle into a cylinder and inserting it into the bottle holder to make it stiffer. I have not tried it yet, but I hope that doing so will make it a bit easier.

This is how I would have the backpack setup for a weekend trip. The cube with an orange handle is a Lowepro gearup camera box medium, where I keep chargers, cables and other smaller accessories.

On the top of the backpack I have a couple of Eagle Creek packing cubes for clothes and bathroom supplies. They fit 3 t-shirts, 3 pairs of underwear and socks, a pair of jeans and all the bathroom supplies I need for a weekend comfortably.

In the left side access pocket I keep my X-T30 and all the camera gear I need quick access to. This way I can swing the backpack over my shoulder and quickly pull out the camera or switch lenses, filters, batteries or SD-cards.

Here is what I have in the side pocket. The cylinder in the middle of the screen might look like a 33 cl beer can to most people. But to the trained eye it is actually a 10-24 mm lens place holder I don't actually own the 10-24 or the 55-200 lenses yet, but I have measured and they will fit in their respective places in the backpack.

On one of the straps I have my Capture clip. It is a snug fit on these straps, but it works perfectly fine.

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