Checking 16-80 sharpness...

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Checking 16-80 sharpness...


Personally I am happy with the lens and its performance after I used it on a recent trip and some hikes. However, reading all the posts here made me do some tests and mainly compare it with other cameras I have at similar conditions and FL.

VS RX100/VI at 24mm/f8

At center I think both lenses are about equally sharp, but at corners, the 16-80 is considerably better.

VS RX100/VI at 50mm/f8

Same results as previously. 16-80 is about the same at center with the RX100 but better at corners

VS RX100/VI at 120mm/f8

And here is the 1st surprise. At center both lenses are about equal and maybe the RX100 is a bit sharper. At corners though, the RX100 lens proves to be better! Aperture is a bit smaller on the RX100 (f12 vs f11 the 16-80) but I don't that small difference can justify its better sharpness.

VS GX8 at 50mm/f6

Here is 2nd surprise. I compared the Panasonic-Leica 25mm/1.4 lens (which is considered one of the best lenses in m43) with the 16-80. The 16-80 even at f4 proved to be sharper especially in the corners vs the m43 prime lens!!

Based on those more scientific tests (compared to my normal shooting), I think the 16-80 is still a sharp lens with its weakest part being the 80mm FL. Tomorrow I will compare it with both my 35 and 50mm primes, although I am not expecting it to be any better.

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