Had a ton of fun photographing “John 5 and The Invaders“ last night in a small club in Atlanta

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Re: The “John 5 and The Invaders“ gallery is now live!

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

Thanks for posting these, Ellis. I really like the series. I've got a question. How did you handle the huge range of WB? I don't shoot stage events like this and don't have experience with stage lighting.

I just set the WB on the camera to sunny and the same for the WB setting in Capture One Pro 12. I do use a custom ICC camera profile in C1Pro (created using Xrite ColorChecker Passport 2 software) and use Film Standard for the curve.

As anyone who has shot in LED stage lighting knows, blues can really oversaturate. In some of the frames I went into the levels tool in C1Pro and adjusted the blue and in some cases the green channel level settings to bring back detail in those frames where the blues were over saturated, but it was on a frame by frame basis

I can see that it could drive you crazy. OTOH, is not like the final shot has to be particularly accurate to reality as almost anything works, I suppose.

my goal was to make the color adjustments feel close to my sense of what it looked and felt like.

I had never heard of the group. After see your photos I had to do some research and explore their music. I see what you meant when you said that guy can play. Dang. I may have to buy some of their music for when I'm out of normal country music mood.

I hadn’t planned on going but one of the Youtube channels I subscribe to is Rick Beato and he was doing a webcast with some guitarist who I think was in the opening act (which I missed.) So beyond the poster at the door I had zero idea of what I’d be hearing. Turns out John 5 was really influenced as a kid by Roy Clark’s picking on Hee-Haw.

Thanks again. Nicely done.

Thank you! It was the first time since 2001 that  I really shot a concert as if it were a paying gig.

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