Had a ton of fun photographing “John 5 and The Invaders“ last night in a small club in Atlanta

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Re: The “John 5 and The Invaders“ gallery is now live!

Thanks for posting these, Ellis. I really like the series. I've got a question. How did you handle the huge range of WB? I don't shoot stage events like this and don't have experience with stage lighting. I can see that it could drive you crazy. OTOH, is not like the final shot has to be particularly accurate to reality as almost anything works, I suppose.

I had never heard of the group. After see your photos I had to do some research and explore their music. I see what you meant when you said that guy can play. Dang. I may have to buy some of their music for when I'm out of normal country music mood.

Thanks again. Nicely done.

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