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thunder storm wrote:

konsolas_captures wrote:

Hello everybody,

This Christmas I am travelling to Prague and I want your advise regarding my lens choice.

I am between my beloved 22mm f2 and the 32mm f1.4. It is not a matter of weight or space, I just want to have only one lens on my M5 and not thinking about different focal lengths.

Well, to my eye it would really be a very sad thing to do if you - owning this superb 32mm lens - would leave it at home. It is almost a kind of disrespectful to photography.

Thinking about focal lengths? Just don't think at all! Just put your 32mm f/1.4 on it as long as subjects fits in the frame, an change to something wider (22mm or 11-22mm) if it doesn't fit. Done with the subject needing the wider lens? Change back to the 32mm. It's so easy!

What would be your choice and why?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, i just can't get over it.... take both your 32mm and a wider option. To my eye the 11-22mm is a better choice in a city over the 22mm. All these lenses are so small and compact. You have a nice little camera with a lot of buttons and dials. How on earth could you just not give it the glass it needs. Impossible.


The 32mm will give you better IQ and better lowlight performance, this is the best lens in the whole system and it would be a shame not to put it to use. From my experience while travelling when I want wide it is for buildings, street scenes etc and that is mostly during the day. If you have room for the 22mm take it too but IMO the order should be 32mm, something wide like the 11-22 and then either a tele or the 22mm, depending on your style.

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