80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

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Re: 80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

The EF-M lenses ONLY fit the EOS M series of cameras. If you want the advantages of the smallest and lightest kit, then in Canon, this is the way to go. But further, the M6 II has Canon's best APS-C sensor, and one of the best on the market - it's the same as the 90D, a fair bit better than the 80D.

The one camera that I think should be immediately ruled out is the 80D.  I can't in all honesty think of one reason to prefer this FOR THE STATED REQUIREMENTS over an RP, M6 II or 250D. It's relatively bulky and heavy, the 17-40 provides no meaningful wideangle on it - all camera choices are a compromise, but this one seems to be in the wrong areas. A 250D/SL3 would give the same IQ but in a considerably smaller and lighter package, for instance, so is surely a much better bet. The RP would make the most of the existing lenses, but those lenses aren't perfect - there's no IS on either of them, and if you want to use the camera handheld whilst hiking, that's quite a loss. It's amazing how much the physical exertion of walking with a heavy pack takes out of you and your ability to hold a camera steady  - a lesson I learned the hard way. Yes, you can use the tripod, but that's not always convenient - and besides, you might well have left it behind to cut down on weight. Which would make me lean towards replacing the lenses, even if just the 17-40 (which is not a lens I'm a huge fan of, to be honest - it's ok at f8-11 on full frame, but just too soft wider open. To replace it on the RP is expensive - way over budget to even get the 16-35 f4 L.  I think the budget and size and weight of the lenses make it a relatively poor choice unless you absolutely want full frame.
250D/SL3 is a reasonable bet if you sell the 17-40 and buy the 10-18 - much smaller and lighter than the RP and 17-40, and a fair bit lighter than the 80D, too, with the same IQ.
But the M6 II is the smallest, lightest, with smaller, lighter lenses with IS AND better IQ. It's almost as if it was designed for hiking and travel....
As long as you can get it in budget, like I said, it's a no-brainer.

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