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cantaxonpen wrote:

but after spending hours calibrating focus for lenses on a 90D (just returned it, I give up), I have to ask, how has this not been a bigger deal?

I dunno. I had a 4/3 Olympus SLR and a Pentax K-7 and had similar experience. Some lenses were off, but I could not calibrate since Oly did not have such feature. Next SLR had it, so I was happy about it until I found out that..

- zoom lenses required different calibration in the zoom range ends but only one data point was available. so the calibration was a compromise

- every single lens I had required different amount of correction

- the focus screen markings about the focus points did not quite line up

- there was some tilt in the AF sensor, so different AF behaviour left and right. had to compromise and use only center point for calibration

- after successful calibration of all my lenses with the body, about a year later I found out that it had deviated again and all lenses needed re-calibration

- a couple of lenses needed so much micro adjustment that the range ran out from the menu, so I had to physically adjust the AF sensor so that I was in the ballpark again

- focus screen qualities affect exposure too, because AE sensor reads it after the screen. AE accuracy was very compromised with faster lenses (like 55mm 1.4 SDM). So I had to remember how much compensation I need for each lens

- I was thinking of just manually focusing since the AF is so unreliable, but the focus screens are compromised for slow zooms (f/3.5 etc) and are not good for MF

Sold the SLR system and have been using mirrorless now for years. SLR is fine for MF film cameras, but I would not buy digital SLR again.

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