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shutterbug61 wrote:

Perhaps something like this "own brand" Canada Computers CC PRO Platinum A-162 Desktop, based on one of the latest 3rd generation AMD Ryzen 5 3400G 4 Core / 8 thread processors with the integrated RX Vega 11 graphics mentioned above. It includes 16GB RAM and a 480GB M.2 form factor SSD plugged directly into the GigaByte B450M DS3H motherboard...ideal for the Windows 10 Home operating system, installation of your applications, and for temporary work space. You could probably have them add something like a WD Blue 2TB or 4TB HDD for your photo storage.

Similar specs to those already suggested. I'd agree with your favourable opinion of Vega graphics. Good price.

By default the SSD and HDD would appear as distinct drives (e.g. C: and D: under Windows), but since this system is based on the AMD AM4 socket and 400-series chipset (specifically the B450) the motherboard supports the AMD StoreMI technology. This enables the SSD and HDD to be configured to appear as a single logical drive and will automatically manage which of your most frequently accessed files are physically stored on the SSD for faster access.

I hadn't heard of the StoreMI tech; Interesting, but it's hardly a chore to operate with separate drives.

Edit: This extract from the FAQ Is relevant for larger SSDs...

StoreMI for AMD supports a 256GB Fast Tier (SATA SSD or NVMe). The remaining capacity will be mounted as a standalone virtual SSD device. If the SSD is larger, than 256GB, then the rest of the SSD will appear as a separate data drive which may be formatted as a separate volume e.g. note that users who want larger SSD support can purchase AMD FuzeDrive for Ryzen.

For the information of he OP, I have an older computer with a 128Gb SSD, which has Win10 plus a heap of other programs but is only using 45% of the drive space (HDD for data).

Another computer has a single 512Gb SSD, and there's plenty of room for Win10, programs and a reasonable amount of data (but not my Photo archive). I intend using this computer as a file server.

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