Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

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Re: Little Backup Box: Card Backup High Performance, Low Cost

Parisian wrote:

This is an amazing thread! Thought I was the only one facing such issues!


1. Can it copy from 2 SD cards to 1 Samsung T5 simultaneously? IF yes, what configuration is required on the LBB?

I don’t think that’s very practical though it would be possible.  The Pi 4 only has two fast USB 3 ports so you would need to add a hub into the setup plus the LBB code would need modification (not just configured) to run two parallel jobs.  I suspect the overall copy speed would reduce too so may not give that much advantage over two sequential copies. 
One of the neat features of LBB is it’s pure simplicity!  Personally, I’d not want to compromise on that and the backup is fast enough that I don’t find two or three sequential card backups to be a pain.

2. Is there any alternative Raspberry model (or another similar device) with a built in SD card reader (so that I don't have to bring a separate reader)?

Not in the Pi range.  There are other types of these mini computers based on UNIX but I’ve not seen one with a built in SD reader. (Most have, including the Pi, have a micro SD reader built in but that’s really used for a card that holds the operating system and working storage.)

The other issue I’ve had with built in readers on most kit is that they are usually UHS I rather than the latest UHS II and that introduces its own bottleneck on transfer speed if you are using decent UHS II in your camera.  Even on my MacBook which has an SD slot, I use a UHS II reader because it’s about twice as fast in copying.

3. Will the LBB work with a normal Xiaomi 10,000mAH powerbank without PD standard?

Probably not because it may not supply enough current out of a type A USB socket.  It really needs USB C with PD.

3.1. Will I be able to use a 45W PD supply for the Pi 4 too? Does it auto-regulate the power since officially it only supports 15W?

Yes, that will work fine.  That’s what is usually used when mains is available.

4. How has the backup experience been so far? any missed out/corrupted files? Does LBB also verify whether the files are successfully copied?

Well, I’ve been using it for about a month now and it’s been faultless.  The utility (RDISK) used by LBB is extensively used in the UNIX world so it’s going to be reliable. I don’t think that RDISK does verify copy in the LBB application as standard. It can be configured to do this (through a parameter on the command in the code) in various ways but at some impact on performance.  I haven’t really looked into this properly by testing.  I had an initial look at the RDISK documentation but didn’t take it further because everything was solid.

I should say here that I always have two copies. One on the original card, second on the backup SSD.  If I need to reuse cards on a trip then I backup to two SSDs.  This is my precaution against an individual copy error or card / disk failure.

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