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Re: I really doubt that...

Guy Parsons wrote:

peppermonkey wrote:

I honestly don't see an update to the pen f or the e-p5 any time soon. Actually, I think the e-p5 line is dead. Last one came out in 2013. I suppose the Pen-F could get an update as the last one came out in 2016... But I would have thought we would have heard some hints about it by now. Course I could, and hope, that I'm wrong.

My uneducated and observational only opinion is that the Pen line is dead except for a possible Pen Lite staggering on for a little bit, mainly for traditional sales purposes in Japan and possibly in other Asian areas.

It's all about making less units and making them much more expensive in order to attempt to make some profit, so the mock SLR shape is what looks like a "real camera" and that is where it is staying now.

So any hope for an E-P6 or for a Pen-F Mk2 is purely wishful thinking. The Pen-F was a gamble that didn't quite work out and the market for that sort of camera is even less now than it was then.

The result being that I need to keep my E-P5 pair going forever.

Regards..... Guy

I suspect you are right about the Pen F, a series of one. I love mine, but it really is a kind of specialty camera for me that only goes out to street festivals and swishy garden parties, or when I’m on a JPEG kick. I have often wished it had the PDAF focusing of my E-M1 II, and now the E-M5 III will fill that small size, C-AF capable, slot.

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