What lenses should I carry to Thailand with Nikon D7200

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Re: What lenses should I carry to Thailand with Nikon D7200

Snapoholic wrote:

Hi DP community,

I'm traveling to Thailand from 1st Dec - 11th Dec & will be visiting Bangkok, Phuket & Chiang Mai. I own Nikon 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8, 12-24mm f4, 16-80mm f2.8-f4.0

I'm tempted to carry everything, But I know, that will be stupid. I have two questions -

Which one should I carry out of 50mm & 85mm?

Should I carry 12-24mm? Please help.

I'm definitely carrying 16-80mm lens. Thank You?

Johnchap has some good suggestions. Here's my take. Several years ago I traveled around the world. I had 4 lenses with me: 35/1.8, 10-20/f4-5.6, 18-105/f3.5-5.6,70-300/f4-5.6. This was more than I usually carry, because I would see a wide range of photo opportunities, from low light festivals to tight city streets to wildlife. I used every one of them, but when I got back I assessed my 20,000 shots:
35/1.8: about 50 yielding 1 interesting shot

10-20/f4-5.6: about 100 yielding perhaps 10 interesting shots, mostly at 10 or 20 mm

70-300: about 1000 yielding 150 wildlife shots, mostly at 200-300mm

18-105: all the rest
Of the 18-105 shots, I found a large group at or near 18mm, a large group between 70-105, and a smaller group from 35-70.

From this I concluded that if I had had a 16-80 f/2.8-4 with a lightweight tele - or even better something like a 16-105, I could have done almost the whole trip with that one lens, aside from the wildlife shots, for which no amount of reach is ever enough. Surprisingly, the fast aperture of the 35 did not compensate for its boringly normal angle of view.
Since then, my standard travel kit has included a 10-20 and that trusty 18-105, which when I consider that cropping to 140-160mm equivalent still delivers an excellent image, reduces my travel weight and bulk by about 3 lbs and 3 liters.

For me, a wide angle range of 12-24 or 12-28 offers more interesting perspectives and is great for street shooting without requiring a lot of lens changes, but you need a modest tele for much of the rest.
So I'd definitely include the 12-24; it's a great street lens, you'll use it a lot from 16-24, and I'd include the 16-80, because it will span the vast majority of your focal lengths, and, with a modern camera, is fast enough to do some justice to lower light scenes. If that's too short of a FL for you (it might very well be), I'd even sacrifice some lens speed and use the 18-140. Should I buy into the Nikon Z 50 system, I'd definitely spring for the Z 18-140 when it comes out.

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