In with the new! Fujifilm X-T30

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In with the new! Fujifilm X-T30

Well, I finally made the upgrade from my old XPro-1 after 7 or so years of solid use. However, I almost succumbed to the temptation of a 2nd hand Nikon full frame (D810), but I'm very glad I didn't. Image quality, lens quality, overall cost of system change back (though I have a couple of Nikon lenses and SB800 flash still), kept me in the system. Plus an objective review of my pictures I'd taken with the XPro-1 over the years (still impressed), a bit of loyalty to Fuji (who I feel look after their customers better than Nikon), astronomical costs of Nikon Z lenses, a $150 cash back on the X-T30 and a "let’s see what the latest, but not greatest Fujifilm X can do" and I took the plunge! These are my initial thoughts after a day or so of use (but not serious use yet) of a fairly early Fujifilm X adopter and long term XPro-1 user:

1) The thing is small, perhaps a little too small for me, but due to limits of funds, I didn't want to pay for the X-T3. I knew from the reviews it's pretty much has 90% of the X-T3. I'm getting used to the size and starting to like it.

2) The joystick - I thought I would like it, but don't really. It's a little too easy to move and when I first picked up the camera, I moved it a lot. I've changed my grip and the way I hold the camera and am hitting it less. I'm getting used to it.

3) Build - very good, good within its price range. A little more plastic than the XPro-1, but still well bit, solid with lots of metal.

4) Speed and responsiveness - radically better. Start-up times, shutter lag, etc all massively improved.

5) Autofocus speed - radically better. What surprised me the most is its made my 35/1.4 feel like a new lens. I had stopped using this lens much as it was simply too slow to focus as my kids got older on the XPro-1. There will be no issues here and I'm really surprised. Manual focusing by wire is much, much faster as well. Focus peaking is easier with the much better EVF. 18-55 was pretty good on the XPro-1, and its a lot faster here. Just the difference isn't as big a step change as with the 35/1.4. Haven't tried my XF 60 and 55-200mm yet, but expecting good improvements.

6) EVF - in another league compared to the XPro-1. Bigger, faster, clearer...not missing the OVF at all.

7) Battery life - seems like it will be better from early usage.

8) Image quality - looks excellent and a very solid improvement. High ISO looks better and indoor metering at high ISO looks better (less dark and gloomy). Needs further testing, but all looks good.

9) Touch screen - haven't really used it yet, but looks ok. I've found myself tapping on the screen a few times. Same with the tilt screen - for my astrophotography stuff it will be useful.

10) Movie mode - haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it will be better. My daughter likes taking movies with my camera, so I'll leave that to her. (she'll like the small size too).

11) Other new features to try - controlling the shutter with the smart phone app remotely, transferring a Jpeg to my phone and uploading to FB (could be great with in camera editing for snap shots while travelling)

Summary: I'm very, very pleased and impressed! Happy I stuck with Fuji and resisted the full frame bug. I suspect I'll get used to the size. Need to buy a faster SD card as well.

Great job to Fuji and anyone else out there with older models, pick up a new one and I know you will be impressed.

Lastly, picture below with the new camera and my old Nikon F65 film camera with 50 1.8D attached. So I guess it isn't that small, as I love that old film camera.

Nikon F65 SLR vs. X-T30 with 35 /1.4.


Fujifilm X-T30
26 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 14, 2019
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