80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

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Re: 80D, M6 Mark II, or RP?

In case it helps...

I normally shoot a 7DmkII (with a 7D as a backup/second body).  My heavy shooting is sports (football and basketball), but I llike to shoot on vacations and such.  I'm not a professional, but sometimes I shoot that way.

I picked up a refurb M5 from Canon cheap ($400) this spring, somewhat on a lark, but I find it convenient to carry around with a Tamron 16-300 and adapter.  In fact, this was my body on a recent vacation.  I brought along my Sigma 50-500 because I knew we were going to visit Safari Park in San Diego, but otherwise I mostly used the 16-300 and sometimes my Sigma 8-16.  I also brought my 50 f/1.8 STM and 22 f/2 EF-M (from an earlier purchase of a first generation EOS M), but never wound up using them.  I'm also effectively the site photographer at work, and I always keep my M5 with me there.

So how do I like the M5?  There are some warts, but overall I quite like it.  I would definitely not want to do without the viewfinder (M6 II), though.  The camera's a bit too small for me (I have big hands), it's too easy to actuate the touch screen with my face, and a few others.  The AF is definitely not as snappy as either 7D, but it's not bad, and it's a much easier body to manual focus with, thanks to focus peaking.  This came in useful at the safari park when I was shooting animals through glass or chain link fence.  In fact, I even got a BIF (which is partly a comment on the AF) that way.

Battery life is a problem.  I got about 300 frames or so and went through 2 batteries each day.  The OEM batteries for that body are ridiculously expensive; I bought some third party ones.  They probably don't last as long, but they served their purpose.  In contrast, last Saturday I shot 2800 frames on my 7DmkII with plenty of life left.  The CIPA ratings on that body are a lot lower, but it's based on a pattern of usage that most 7D users are not likely to emulate.

I did have a chance to shoot a Sony 6300 (IIRC) for one frame, taking a portrait of a couple on a hike, and based on that the 6300 felt much more responsive.  But it's really hard to draw conclusions from a single frame; the Tamron 16-300 has responsiveness problems on my other bodies as well.  The Sigma 50-500 was much more responsive.

If you're mostly shooting landscapes and such, the 80D won't offer you a lot of benefit, while the full frame and higher resolution of the RP would.

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