What lenses should I carry to Thailand with Nikon D7200

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Re: What lenses should I carry to Thailand with Nikon D7200

Snapoholic wrote:

Hi DP community,

I'm traveling to Thailand from 1st Dec - 11th Dec & will be visiting Bangkok, Phuket & Chiang Mai. I own Nikon 50mm f1.8, 85mm f1.8, 12-24mm f4, 16-80mm f2.8-f4.0

I'm tempted to carry everything, But I know, that will be stupid. I have two questions -

Which one should I carry out of 50mm & 85mm?

Should I carry 12-24mm? Please help.

I'm definitely carrying 16-80mm lens. Thank You?

When people ask me, I tell them that I travel to take photos, and do not simply take photos when I travel.   I have been to Thailand several times, as well as several other countries in SE Asia.  Great photo-ops in every direction.

With modern DSLRs, they are mostly able to shoot in low light at higher ISOs with  acceptable levels of noise.  Hence, I do not bother with fast prime lenses.  My main concern is coverage; that is, I need zooms that cover (can properly frame) most photo ops that I am likely to encounter.  Hence, I would suggest you leave both primes at home.

Also, you are probably spending thousands of dollars and several precious weeks of your time traveling in Thailand.  What will you feel like if you miss some spectacular photo-ops because you don't have the right lens with you.  So....  I recommend you take the 12-24 as a very useful lens there.  I would leave the 16-80mm at home and buy a 18-200 or a [heavier but more useful] 18-300.  I would suggest a good used Nikon version of either lens.  With the overall coverage of 12-200mm coverage there if virtually no scene that you cannot properly frame and shoot.  Should be able to acquire Nikon (brand) 18-200 used for around $200.  Look for a reliable seller on ebay or similar with high good feedback.  I have not bought new in many years, relying of good sellers of quality equipment.

On second thought, even if you buy a good used Nikon 18-200, take along the 16-80 for backup.  Things happen (I have experienced more than once); and a decent backup can get you passed a catastrophe.

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