So i finally sold everything. But where do i go from here?

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So i finally sold everything. But where do i go from here?

After shooting Nikon DSLR´s for about three years i finally pulled the trigger and with shaky hands i put all of my Nikon F gear up for sale. The rationale behind selling everything was clear. It had been pumped into my skull, by every single youtuber, news outlet and influencer out there.

"The future of cameras, is without mirrors!"

So finally taking the plunge, i posted everything for sale online. A couple of days ago i sold the last few bits of my kit. So here i am, completely "naked" not panic... Not a single camera to my name. Well besides my smartphone. The biggest question is now. Where do i go from here?

Here is what i shoot in the order of what i mainly shoot.

1. Nature/wildlife.

2. Portraits/single subject photography (like cars, etc.)

3. Events (weddings, baptisms etc.)

4. Macro.

What i sold:

A gripped D850. A Nikkor 200-500 , A Nikon 70-200FL 2.8, A Nikon 24-70 2.8, A Nikon 50mm 1.8 prime and a Sigma 105 2.8. macro lens.

I have multiple paying jobs coming in the new year, so i will need to decide before may. So i still have a little time to get decided.

The way i see it, there is two roads forward from here.

1. The Z.

The Nikon Z speaks to me in many ways.

*The ergonomics, that i know and love.

*The superior optics those new Z they are so nice.

*The new future proof gigantic lens mount.

*The prices. Z´s are the cheaper option - it really is, Sony lenses are super expensive.

There are also downsides to the Z cameras.

1. Auto focus.

I have read and watched just about anything published online about the new Z cameras. Yes, i have not ever held one. But in my country, you buy them before you try them. One thing true to all of the publications is the mention of the not bad, but not great auto focus system of the new Z cameras.

2. The LLL or lack of long lenses.

There are no "long" native lenses for the system. I know the 70-200 2.8 is mapped out to be released this year - come oooon Nikon, hurry up. But the new 200-600 is way down the road, meaning i would have to go back shooting adapted F lenses for my wildlife photography.

The other option.

2. The S.

Sony is the in the lead auto-focus wise. This comes as no surprise to anyone reading or watching youtube videos about the subject. However while the Sony auto-focus system simply must be by-product from the creation of Atlantis or some other godly intervention. The system as a whole also has it´s downsides.

Lets start with the good stuff. Here´s what draws me down this road.

1. The auto focus, i know i have already mentioned that. But its supposedly so good it deserves being mentioned at least twice.

2. The native lens range. I can get everything from 16-600mm. The new 200-600 is supposedly sharp as knives.

3. Frames pr. second. Namely 20 of them. The A9, whole god dawn it.

4. Firmware update - bippity boppity boo, a new camera for you!

Here´s what sways me away from Sony.

1. Ergonomics. - They say its bad. Real bad. Like pineapple on pizza bad.

2. Lens prices. They have got to be made by pure gold. They are that expensive.

3. The menu, is awful. Awful, awful, awful.

The cameras i am contemplating.

I have spend many weeks thinking long and hard about what camera bodies speaks the most to me and i have come down to two quite different selections.

The Sony A9 or the Nikon Z6.

The A9, because it has the best of Sonys amazingly fantastic auto focus systems.

The Z6, because its perfect combination of speed, file size and price.

Where do i go from here?

Do i go with the Sony A9 and the Sony systems or with the Z6 and continue down the Nikon path?

What do you guys think is the smarter move?

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