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$750CDN seems too cheap.

larsbc wrote:

WhiteRock wrote:

I love this camera and have done lots of travel. There is no camera like this. Often people came to me and asked about it. They held it and just did not want to put it down. I will miss this rare little camera that has captured my story over the past few years. I will be selling it with the 28mm f1.4 KamLan lense, battery and battery charger. It will also include the external hand grip. (which made it better for walking for miles on my trips without hand strain. Included will the small extrenal flash.

Why am i selling this camera is to buy the new omd e-m5 iii. I love small cameras. i moved from nickon to the pen f.

I struggle some with the cost of the new camera, but it improves for me the size and it is water proof. (Vancouver BC can get rain at times)

I am 66 but in very good health when i take photos i am often on the ground or up a tree...i like to play with points of view and a small camera allows that. There are other features on the new model i like as well. I have lots of great OLy glass and so looking at at Sony or Fuji is not an option.

I would like to get some feed back from this forum as to what i should list as the price for the Pen F. It would be nice to see a Black Friday discount on the E-M5 III but that will not happen.

One final comment i had no issues with the 12-100 mm, or the 40-150 mm glass, hand held sharp photos all the time. Do not have the larger 300...not sure.

Do you live in White Rock?? I do. Unfortunately I'm not in the market for a PEN-F, especially since I bought a GX9 earlier this year. Considering that the PEN-F supposedly holds its value, you might consider using it for another 6 mos. or so and wait for the EM5.3 price to drop a bit?

Looking at Craigslist, I see EM10.2s and EM5.2s for around CAD$500-600ish. There are no PEN-Fs at the moment. So perhaps start at CAD$750 or 800? Depends on how fast you want to sell it of course.

BTW, considering how bad our CAD to USD exchange rate is right now, you might consider advertising on the Bellingham Craiglist?

At least on eBay, the average price for the pen-f seems to be around $850-$1100CDN. I find that items on Craiglist to be a little more expensive than eBay on average, albeit you can find ridiculous bargains at times. So price accordingly.

Though I do agree, keep using the pen and update to the new e-m5 after the prices are slashed in about half a year. If time is too important then of course, go right ahead and upgrade.

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