Selling my Pen f

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Re: Selling my Pen f

Do you live in White Rock?? I do. Unfortunately I'm not in the market for a PEN-F, especially since I bought a GX9 earlier this year. Considering that the PEN-F supposedly holds its value, you might consider using it for another 6 mos. or so and wait for the EM5.3 price to drop a bit?

Looking at Craigslist, I see EM10.2s and EM5.2s for around CAD$500-600ish. There are no PEN-Fs at the moment. So perhaps start at CAD$750 or 800? Depends on how fast you want to sell it of course.

BTW, considering how bad our CAD to USD exchange rate is right now, you might consider advertising on the Bellingham Craiglist?

Oh well I would not bet on high prices living forever.

My guess (hope) is that Olympus will come up either with a Pen F II or more likely they will give us a revised E-P5 PEN camera.

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