Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

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Re: Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

robgendreau wrote:

Thank you SO much for this.

We see the question about packs here over and over and over, and while some photographers define "hiking" as walking from the car to the hotel, most would still benefit from a pack that is a good hiking pack first and foremost. I've owned oodles of packs in my life, from old canvas MIllet's

Do you mean Millet?

and Kelty frame packs to the newer Deuters. Never ever ever have I had a problem stowing camera gear in and on them.

But "camera" packs? ugh. Lowe and Mountainsmith make skiing and climbing packs, so their stuff tends to be OK, but even then some of the compromises they make can be less than useful. Like zippers and access: any access means not only can you get stuff out easier but stuff can get in easier. If I need my camera accessible, it's hanging on me already. If I can climb and ski and get access to gear inside in truly horrible conditions on bad stances, surely it's not too tough for someone to open a pack to get a camera to shoot a picture of a meadow.

...especially with the many easy methods for having your main gear ready to shoot, several of which were discussed above and just plain work. But I get a sense that photo packs makers don't really like to see this discussed... They'd rather brag about "innovations" that are often simply not practical.

So again, thanks! This is the sort of thing DPR should feature on it's landing page.

Thanks for the compliment Rob. I've myself seen and appreciated your posts here and there (I have limited time and most of the time I just read, I rarely participate given the incredible amount of thread-crapping that pollutes these forums - what this site badly needs is a simple "thumb down for OT post" option, methink.)

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