New Foveon camera...what can we expect

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Re: New Foveon camera...what can we expect

Scottelly wrote:

motionride wrote:

If we think about the pixel size and think about it just being equal to the one in the Merrill Sensor, we can assume about the same light gathering capabilities as before.

However, if we take into account that the manufacturing capabilities increase every year by quite a lot, we can assume that the sensor electronics to be half the size within a year. Now the Foveon Sensor is special in that it has three layers, give it 4 years to cut the size in half. With that, we can assume at least a 4x higher light gathering capability with the new Foveon Sensor per pixel, less stress for the electronics because of a cleaner and faster signal, so that we can go back to processing speed that are equal or better than quattro (given that the quattro only has to process the top layer with full pixel count). This will also help with the heat that the new sensor develops. Less electronics (in size) means less heat generated by the sensor itself. This adds to the cleaner signal and signal separation.

I will go way over my head and just say what I think here. I guess we will have a very clean signal of up to ISO 800 (comparable to ISO 100 on the SD1) and a quite useable Signal at up to ISO 3200.

Approximated electronics size comparison of Merrill and FF Foveon with improved electronics...CMOS sensors have the electronics inside the pixel itself or very near by wich makes the sensory area smaller than the pixel size itself

Just my 2 cents...

Why do you think the Merrill and full-frame sensors are similar? With just 35% more pixels, but more than twice the area, the full-frame sensor will have lots of room for "bigger pixels" to make a sensor that can capture/produce a much cleaner image. Wouldn't you agree?

It was a thought experiment if everything else assumed equal. With this alone the light gathering capabilities could be 4x as high with current gen foveon sensors. if we scale this up to FF it would be even better with 20 mp spatial resolution. My assumption was more like how it would be on a 30mp foveon FF sensor with current gen technology. And that already would be absolutely fantastic!

Who knows what exactly they´re cooking up in their labs.

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