Z Adapter for Older AF Nikkors?

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Re: Z Adapter for Older AF Nikkors?

just someone wrote:

I really doubt, those lenses' AF were driven by a screw, I don't think Nikon will do anything to make those lenses AF on the Z.

To be honest and in my opinion, manual focusing on the Z's is so easy!

You asign the movie record button to zoom in 100% and manual focus is a walk in the park.

Manual focusing on manual focus lenses is easy, those lenses were designed to be used that way. Many AF lenses are not optimized that way.

Using longer teles like a 300 2.8 or f4, not so much. And those are very expensive lenses to replace. I have seen several comments like yours that never seem to account for people with expensive to replaces teles. Nobody will buy a bulky $500 adapter for a 50mm 1.8D. That;'s not the point.

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