New Foveon camera...what can we expect

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Re: New Foveon camera...what can we expect

ChristianHass wrote:

I'm expecting it to be about the same size as a sd Quattro, minus the big lens mount collar since L mount has a shorter flange distance.

I'd expect it to have great image quality up to around ISO400, good at ISO800, decent in a pinch at 1600 and B/W only from 3200 and up. Basicly around 2 stops better than a Merrill since it has newer tech and larger photosites.

Yeah, that sounds about right, I think.

Menus and such probably much like the Quattro and fp, it works really well.


I'm not expecting the EVF to be super smooth, I think the issue is basicly rendering video from the Foveon sensor to display in the EVF, maybe they could do a "top layer only" readout for the EVF and display that in B/W as an option.

They did this in the DP Merrills a long time ago. I don't see why they couldn't do it with the new camera quite efficiently.

I'm also expecting it to be around $2500 for the body only, so it needs to be really good for me to consider spending that much, but I know I will be tempted.

I agree. I don't see them selling the fp for $1,899.00, and then selling their larger, full-frame Foveon sensor camera for less than that. I think it's more likely to launch for $2,499 or maybe a little more or less (possibly something like $2,799 or $2,199). Of course, I'm hoping they make it closer to $2,199. At this point, with the popularity of the fp, I'm thinking Sigma might decide to go a different direction, and not worry about trying to sell a lot of Foveon bodies, which means they might place a high price on the first Foveon camera with an L mount. After-all, Sigma has plenty of Panasonic and Leica owners to sell their expensive L-mount lenses to, right?

I think the rules have changed for Sigma now. They don't have a lock on their camera customers, so they don't need to sell a lot of cameras to get more lens sales in their camera mount, so I don't think they will care now about the price of their cameras so much. They can finally price their cameras to make a profit on their camera sales (on a per-camera basis), and they will still sell plenty of lenses, even if they don't sell many cameras. I think they will sell more cameras, even at higher prices, because they will be selling to a bigger crowd of people, such as Leica owners, who are looking for a different look from their lenses. Maybe I'm mistaken, but that's what I suspect, and that's what I think Mr. Yamaki may have thought (among other things, like the savings on mount development cost), when he considered adopting the Leica L mount.

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