New Foveon camera...what can we expect

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Re: New Foveon camera...what can we expect

I'm expecting it to be about the same size as a sd Quattro, minus the big lens mount collar since L mount has a shorter flange distance.

I'd expect it to have great image quality up to around ISO400, good at ISO800, decent in a pinch at 1600 and B/W only from 3200 and up. Basicly around 2 stops better than a Merrill since it has newer tech and larger photosites.

Menus and such probably much like the Quattro and fp, it works really well. I'm not expecting the EVF to be super smooth, I think the issue is basicly rendering video from the Foveon sensor to display in the EVF, maybe they could do a "top layer only" readout for the EVF and display that in B/W as an option.

I'm also expecting it to be around $2500 for the body only, so it needs to be really good for me to consider spending that much, but I know I will be tempted.

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