Did I make a mistake with the Z6?

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Log Picture Control

Geomaticsman wrote:

As you've discovered, the Z's don't store LOG internally, which is unfortunate IMO.

But all is not lost..."beatboxa" has numerous posts on how to use custom picture controls to achieve similar results...start reading here and follow the reference links...


Thanks, I was actually going to reply as well. I'm glad these posts are helping.

To the OP: No, you didn't make a mistake with the Z6. You can make your own 8-bit log profile (and it absolutely will be a log profile that has a 12-bit input, with an 8-bit output). Contrary to popular belief, 8-bit is A LOT when you actually use it efficiently--and using a lower bit-depth to capture more data efficiently is the whole point of a log profile (as opposed to raw). You can see an example of the huge benefits for shadow recovery & dynamic range in this first linked post, and the actual log curve in the second link below:

If you want to do less aggressive correction, here is a less aggressive log curve that also offers similar huge benefits to shadow noise:

^ This is the one I personally use for video that I intend to grade later. I have a second picture control I use for out-of-camera stills & video, shown here. It also grades well but is less predictable (meaning more complicated grading if you're going for accuracy) than the log profiles above.

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