Time to upgrade...

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Re: Time to upgrade...

Austinian wrote:

Apple's gear is expensive and the hardware choices are severely limited, but if you've been happy with what they offer and don't mind the costs, I don't see a compelling reason to switch.

Precisely the reasons to dump Apple!

If performance matters, then you need to pay attention to the following, in order:

1.  CPU.  Faster is better, since any photo program stresses the CPU the most.

2.  Memory.  16GB or more

3.  SSD for Windows and program files.  HDD will work ok for picture/data storage.

4.  Supported video card will have some, but not huge impact, on performance.  You could always upgrade later.  Lightroom makes less use of video cards than Photoshop, except for one new feature.

Purchasing an off lease commercial box can be VERY cost effective as long as the CPU is fast enough.  There are lots of sites that compare CPU speed - just google.  For commercial boxes, just don't plan to upgrade the CPU.  RAM is easy.  Upgrading to an SSD could be troublesome but doable.  Most will have an available slot for a video card if you want to add one, but not all.  Ebay is a good, inexpensive source for slightly used last generation video cards if you want to speed things up a bit.

I'm in the process of specing a new machine (mine's now 8 years old) so I've done some deep dives into what makes a good Lightroom editing machine.

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