What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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Re: What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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I was very lucky I bought my G1X II as new (absolutely pristine) for around 250USD and then got a brand new DC2 EVF for 90USD so I really got a lovely setup for around 350USD, which is great. The G1X II is rather chunky and heavy

Sure it was very good deal. Congratulations.

But - because of my eyes I can use only EVF, no screen. For some years I had small Olympus XZ-1 compact camera which with attached VF-2 EVF and eyecup was bigger than my mirrorless Olympus. Therefore it was left at home since I bought that mirrorless camera. And now, when I was looking for a new compact, built-in (good) EVF was a must. For me, only G5X and G1X III were options to choose from. And then, of course, to find affordable price.

Just to say that the EVF-DC2 viewfinder that I use on the G1x II is as good as any out there, its very good quality, 2.36 million resolution, OLED, auto eye sensor etc. so dont think you miss out on anything.

Yes, I know. Nothing about quality of additional EVFs, it's just about the overall size of camera - for me personally. I like built-in viewfinders, because such cameras are generally smaller.

Canon have thrown in the towel really on Powershot EVFs and just ape the RX100.

Best probably to wait until they can get the technology for the auto deploy EVF unless in a great hurry. Deploying the Sony HX90V EVF was awkward as it needed a hard pull to ensure it was in place and that meant holding the pop up bit to avoid strain and even then it sometimes was not fully out and blurred. Possibly the Canon one is better and it is larger than the HX90.

Canon do frustrate me as the G5X as it was but just uprated for lens and processor would be a wonderful bit of kit and a real alternative to the RX100 rather than a cheaper clone and you have to wonder if Sony's pricing dilemma is keeping Canon alive.

The G1X III with that large sensor needing more light looking through a tiny 8mm hole at its largest against 16mm for the previous smaller crop was also odd to say the least. So they got an EVF in it but nobbled the lens.

I have tried the G1X Mk II and G3X with EVFs but they were so ungainly and vulnerable looking. Plus of course the basic outdated Powershot focusing system essentially ported from cheap point and shoots in the days of yore was stretched too far with the long reach G3X.

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