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Re: Forget CCTV / C-mount lenses below 25mm...

Cropping isn't a problem. I'm using HDMI capture, so I don't have huge amounts of resolution to start from, but I also really don't need a heck of a lot. Looking at what's coming out of the 25mm, I think my final image will be around 20mm, but I thought something like 15mm or 12mm would give me leeway to crop down if I undershot a bit.

And less vignetting is a nice-to-have. It just complicates the image processing, but I can set up a more complex pipeline.

I'm thinking the proposed lens cap f/8 might be the best option. 25mm almost gets me to where I want to be, and there's a ton of cheap stuff in the 25mm range.

It's odd how there's a gap between cheap 25mm and cheap fisheyes. I'm starting to look at 7Artisans, Meike, Kamlan, and Voking. I'll see what I find. I found one lens by Meike, but the price is 2x-3x their other lenses on Amazon. I'll look over their full lineups. One thing I am seeing, which I think would also be a good option, is that a few of them making 1.4x or 2x wide angle conversion adapters. Those are cheap and might also be ideal.

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