Cheap wide angle lens

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Yar1971 Forum Member • Posts: 83
Forget CCTV / C-mount lenses below 25mm...

...unless You want to use smaller sensor area than full 4/3 sensor (like in Black Magic camera, crop modes of some Panasonic cameras). Severe (total black) circular vignetting is absolutely unavoidable on a full size 4/3 sensor <25mm.

However, there are many other solutions. You need a fully manual wide angle lens for MFT? There are some, both cheap and well, not cheap.

Somebody mentioned Samyang 12/2.0 -relatively cheap and excellent lens. It's an obvious choice if FL 12mm is O.K. for You.

You may also look for 7Artisans, Meike and similar brands (Kamlan, Voking etc.) - for different FL-s.

At the  expensive side You have Venus Laowa (different FL-s from 7.5 up tu 17mm), SLR Magic, Kowa, Voigtlander. If any, I would consider only the first two here.

Maybe some adapted SLR or rangefinder lenses from film era, but the choice below 28mm is very limited here, mostly fish eye lenses. There's something about 20-21 mm for Leica mount I guess, but prices are rather prohibitive.



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