What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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Re: What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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Probably the Canon G1X II. 1.9x crop sensor and f2-3.9 lens. It's a bit chunkier than the LX100, and lacks a viewfinder, but it has double the zoom range. Only available used at this point.

Other than that, you are looking at a G5X III or G7 X II and settling for 1" sensor..

I recently got an as new G1x MkII and am very happy with it, also got the DC2 EVF for a steal so I'm pretty sorted, love the 24 to 120mm lens at F2.0 to F3.9 which is nice and bright. IQ is also better than I was expecting. See a few shots below SOOC jpegs.

Wow - this has been a great discussion and I appreciate everyone's input!

First off, I'm responding to the above comment and including a few of the pictures as an example of the things I am generally shooting...when I saw small creeks and water elements included in some of your photos, as well as grassy fields and mountains, I thought "awesome! now here's some real life examples of the subjects I often shoot on a camera someone is recommending to me"

Also, i think i know the answer to this, but does Canon's "Color science" come through at all in RAW images?

If not, it seems there's little reason to focus on Canon for their particular colors if one is willing to shoot RAW? Could I not just shoot in RAW on the original LX100, get an app on my phone that can handle them, slap a "Canon-look" profile on them (I'm sure this exists somewhere) and go from there?

but back to the topic at hand...it seems some consensus is narrowing in on the:

- G5X mark i: I like this form factor a little better

- G5x mark ii: I like this form factor a little less

- G1X mark ii

The next question is the price...compared to the original LX100.

- G1X mark ii: $350s used

- G5X mark i: ~$500s?

- G5X mark ii: ~$700s +

- LX100 (bigger sensor than the G5X...but not as big as the G1X mark ii): $400s

As many of you have stated it seems the clear answer is the G1X Mark II for me, especially once you consider price.

remaining cons: Not crazy about the shape/ergonomics of that camera but I haven't held one in person yet so I can't really know.

Also, the pictures I included above coming out of that camera aren't my favorite actually.

Thanks again for the help! Does anyone know of a straight forward way to achieve the 'canon look' in post processing on RAW images? Or at least a starting place

yip its a tough choice, but a nice one I was very lucky I bought my G1X II as new (absolutely pristine) for around 250USD and then got a brand new DC2 EVF for 90USD so I really got a lovely setup for around 350USD, which is great. The G1X II is rather chunky and heavy but I like the solidity, though its not even remotely a pocket or even jacket pocket friendly. I think the lens on the LX100 is great but you are limited by quite a short zoom. the G5X both I and II are nice options as they are great packages in a small form factor, so yes, not an easy decision, good luck.

As to the Canon colours in a phone app, I'm sure you can find something that'll work, I WiFi the photos (in original size) to my phone and just use Snapseed if I want to tweak, but with Lightroom mobile you may find more Canon colour type presents etc. not sure.

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