Sony 24mm f/1.8 ZA - is it the best "35mm" FOV for the E-mount still?

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Re: Sony 24mm f/1.8 ZA - is it the best "35mm" FOV for the E-mount still?

Euell wrote:

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You show the Sony FE24F1.4GM in your gear list ... is this just a wish list?

But I have the same thought and considering the APSC only 24mm f1.8Z for an A6600 on order.

I think Sony will expand the FE f1.8 series (just a guess) to include the 24mm focal length.

So I have bought the 16-55mm f2.8 and will wait to see what happens in the next year.

If the FF 24mm f1.8 does not come, I expect the 24mm f1.4 GM will come down a bit in price and be a better but more expensive option. In either case, I would prefer a FF 24mm to use on my A7RIII as well as the A6600.

However I often see the APSC 24mm at really attractive prices so I might still buy a used one.

I also recently bought a 35mm Sony Zeiss OVF (from the RX1/RX1R) to use with the A6600 along with the EVF for a beautifully clear optical finder to compose landscape shots. It works in concept on my A7RIII with FE35mm f1.8 but should be even better on the A6600 due to the EVF being on the left side.

The 24mm GM is a much better lens, but larger. The GM is decently sharp wide open. The 24z is overpriced for what you get and not great wide open, if that matters. If the 24z were priced considerably lower, it would be more attractive.

Well I haven't seen a review say the Zony 24 1,8 isn't great (in the center) at f/1,8. The Sony GM is rather larger, almost twice as heavy, doesn't focus as close, doesn't have as high magnification. Yes, new, the pricing seems a bit funky in the States (well relatively speaking, as they are pretty close to each other, in Sweden the GM is almost twice as expensive, and of course both are significantly less in the US)

Close focus is not really an issue IMO..

Yep, close focus in wides is a creative avenue some won't be without (me) while others mainly shoot landscapes and things further off (you). 16cm 0,25x is different from 26cm 0,17x. That said I have no experience with the GM or its close focus abilities.

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