New Foveon camera...what can we expect

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Re: New Foveon camera...what can we expect

Oa9time wrote:

I’m patiently waiting for the new FF Foveon and I’ve been wondering what to expect in image quality. The sensor is said to be 60.9mp. Not much of a major increase over the current SD1 at 45mp. I would assume there could be lower noise due to larger pixel size but will it make a decent usable iso3200? I’m sure the rest of the camera will be leaps and bounds better then the SD1 in function and operation but is the small increase in megapixel going to make my SD1 become a shelf queen. I would like other people’s thoughts on if they are looking forward to the upgrade path.


Yeah, I'm looking forward to the upgrade, but I won't be upgrading for a while. I need to concentrate on getting lenses first (and a couple of trackers, for shooting star-scapes and nebulae with my Nikon D810 or a Sony A7r II maybe). I think the new Sigma camera with the full-frame Foveon sensor will have really low noise levels at ISO 100 and probably ISO 200 too, offering a bit more flexibility in processing the raw files. I think ISO 400 will be usable, compared to the basically unusable photos I get from my SD Quattro H at ISO 400 (though I guess some would say I'm being too picky - I mean even ISO 1600 photos from the SD Quattro H are usable for SOME things). I don't think we'll see truly usable ISO 3200, but I do think ISO 1600 will be much more usable than any previous Sigma camera with a Foveon sensor. I'm also thinking detail in photos at ISO 1600 will be better than what I get from my SD Quattro H or my SD1 Merrill. Basically image quality will be better than ever from any previous camera with a Foveon sensor, and prints up to and including 24" x 36" will be really good, while huge prints, like 40" x 60" will be decent, and sellable (basically meaning that any size print will probably work, because larger sizes than 40" x 60" are not expected to be tack sharp).

I think the 20 MP photos from the new camera will offer about 35% more pixels than our SD1 Merrills produce, so we'll prefer using our full-frame Sigmas with their Foveon sensors . . . but the really significant difference will be in the better auto-focus, faster operation, and the ability to use a wide variety of lenses in auto-focus mode (even most Canon auto-focus lenses). I think that it will be really great to have not only all of Sigma's best lenses available to shoot with, but the ability to use to Panasonic's best lenses, and the option to use some of Leica's latest and best lenses. There has never been a digital camera system like that before, as far as I am aware. Being able to use Canon's TS 17mm f4 L and Canon's other tilt-shift lenses on a camera with a Foveon sensor will quite possible be even more awesome! What an amazing year 2020 will be.

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