FF vs. APS-C Blind Sharpness Test

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FF vs. APS-C Blind Sharpness Test

In each of these pairs of images, one is from a 24MP APS-C camera and the other from a 24MP FF camera. I'm very curious to see how many people can identify the FF image , and if so, how easily.

Acknowledging that FF has and advantage in both noise and dynamic range, neither are an issue with these base ISO studio shots (sorry, didn't have a good pair of distant brick wall shots) . Is one of each of these images pairs clearly superior or are they very close? I tried to optimize both of these as fairly as possible - I didn't sabotage the FF image, I didn't go nuts matching the color etc, but it's in the ballpark. I did clean up some moire that might have made the decision too obvious. I'm well aware of FF's superior ultimate capabilities in extreme situations, and much higher resolution potential with higher MP sensors, so we don't need to rehash that. But will FF and APS-C sensors of the same 24MP count produce images with similar quality? That's all this is about.

Three pairs of images (1, 2, and 3, 100% crops) - Just pick the one you believe to be from the FF camera. Use "L" for the image on the left, "R" for the image on the right, and "T" if it's a toss-up.








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