RX 100 VII and low light...or not

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RX 100 VII and low light...or not

For years I've used my Pany LX 7 as my go nearly anywhere camera.  It's small, has an adequate zoom and does well in low light.  In January I'll be in a convention center all day and will probably do up to 500 shots for archival use and for possible use for photos that will run with a newspaper column I write every week.  The shots will be of trees, shrubs, other plants and horticultural equipment but all indoors with standard exhibition hall lighting.  The one thing I keep on seeing noted about the the RX 100 VII is that it doesn't do that well  in low light situations.  I don't really consider an exhibition hall to have 'low' lighting but it certainly isn't daytime in the sun.  Won't have time to fiddle with settings as I need to shoot, make a few notes and move on.

Anyone have any thoughts if this camera may not be well suited to the situation?  The LX 7 still works....but at 12 MP not 20 and not the zoom that the Sony has.

Appreciate your input.  No need to remind me how expensive it is.



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