D700 VS D610 VS Fuji S5 highlight and burned image test.

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Re: D700 VS D610 VS Fuji S5 highlight and burned image test.

marcio_napoli wrote:

Absolutely love these comparisons.

Love to feed my cameras tons of light, as much as possible before burning data.

The S3 and S5 are legendary in that regard, anyone who says otherwise have never shot with one of these.

Before having an S3 myself, I thought such claims were largely exaggerated, yet they're not.

Its highlight recovery capabilities are absolutely legendary.

I've been doing similar tests with all my cameras, and the only ones I've ever seen coming close in highlight headroom are the D3x (kinda close-ish, but still not there) and the Phase One P40+ digital back (this one is indeed in the S5 ballpark).

Best regards,
Marcio Napoli

hello marcio, having all the cameras i was curious to do this small test

i was thinking to add my olympus m43 sensor to this test but unfortunately i broke the mode wheel ( stayed in Aperture mode) and i cant move it to manual.

Fuji S5 is a special camera

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