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Re: Time to upgrade...

saskskier wrote:

Thanks guys. Again, I'm not particularly well versed in anything computer (especially PC) related and I've been almost entirely in the Apple world for the past decade.

Is there anything in particular I should be watching out for as I'm looking? CPU? Memory? Storage? Etc?

  • CPU could be Intel i5 or i7. Maybe AMD Ryzen (several grades available in each).
  • 16Gb RAM
  • 512Gb SSD for the OS, programs.
  • 3000Gb HDD (3 Terabytes) for storage.
  • Basic video card, or built-in on the motherboard (since you don't do games/etc.).
  • 2k (1920x1080) 24" monitor IPS technology (larger preferred, with higher resolution).

-I'd be thinking about spending AUD$1000 for a useful desktop.

Expect there to be a learning curve when you start using Win10.

Any major reasons why I should switch to PC over sticking with Apple, outside of budget?

Upgrading to a newer Apple will be expensive, but I don't know Apple, so can't comment further.

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