A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

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Re: A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

Mirfak wrote:

Rock and Rollei wrote:

To be honest, to me it makes absolutely no real difference whatsoever. Fully articulated is maybe slightly more versatile, but is slightly slower, and slightly more awkward in some situations. I have cameras with both, and I just don't have a preference - it's really not something that makes that much difference to me. Last time I worried about it was when the EOS 6D was launched with a fixed screen, and then I realised that remote viewing with the phone app resolved the issue for me anyway

How do you hold the camera and remote view at the same time?

I'm surprised anyone is still surprised about the type of screen on the M6 II - it is after all the third iteration of this particular branch of the M family, after the M3 and M6, and all of them have had the same type of screen, so it can hardly be a mistake.

Well, the entire thread is pointless anyway. Why discuss whether the camera should have a FA-LCD, when it doesn't? And if it's a problem, why not just get a camera with a FA-LCD instead of the OP wasting everybody's time?

OK ... I will ... and won't be a M6 (no FA) ... and won't be 90D (not ML).

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