Samsung camera app and Android 9

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Re: Samsung camera app and Android 9

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markyboy81 wrote:

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Samsung Camera Manager works well with my NX1 and Galaxy S8 running Android 9 (Pie). I use it mainly for remote shutter and GPS tagging.

I can't believe I've tried it again and it works! I'm using a note 9 on Android 9. It may have something to do with the fact that I updated Samsung accessory service on play store first but I'm not sure. Either way I'm happy! Thanks for the encouraging post 😃

It's been 5 months, but you are welcome.

But now it's me who has a problem! Not realizing Samsung Accessory Service is tied to Samsung Camera Manager app, I uninstalled the Service app which broke Samsung Camera Manager and I can't install it back again because it's not supported in Android 9 anymore according to Google Play Store. Neither is Samsung Camera Manager, but both were working fine on my S8 running Android 9 until now. Go figure.

Am I SOL and have to buy something like this for remote shutter release?

I'm using the app in android 9 on my note 9 and it's it's working great. If I remember correctly it wasn't a straight install though, I think I had to go searching for the service app first. I did download the samsung camera manager direct from the play store though.

Ever since I've rejected every android that comes through in fear that it'll stop it working again! Good luck!

The Service app is found in the Google Store but it won't install because I am running Android 9. Perhaps they downgraded its OS compatibility recently.

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