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Re: Tamron 17-28mm user experience

vlado29 wrote:

I had it for a few weeks but returned it back... I liked the compactness and also the picture quality (most of the time, stopped down), but mine had a strange issue (autofocus or focal plane tilt) that sometimes a big part of the frame was blurry, could not get why (see the atached pic, shot @ 17mm/f7.1, the lower right side is completely blurry). It only happened in some pictures (when I made a series of picture focusing on the same point, a small number of them was blurry in almost half of the picture)

With mine the it was als almost impossible to really get a flat focal plane, always different parts of the picture were in focus (it was not a classic decentering problem), maybe not that big of a deal but it bothered me anyway... (compared it to Batis 25, it was day and night, I could shoot Batis at f2 and the focal plane was dead flat, with the Tamron it was impossible to get a flat sharp picture at f2.8)

I also had 16-35/2.8 GM in the past, but that was a monster lens, too big and heavy (tamron is much much much better). It was also decentered on the wide end (already a 2nd copy, the first had half of the frame unusuable at 35mm f2.8 or f4), 10% of the picture would never get sharp (unacceptable for me at that price)

That's no good Not a problem I've seen mentioned in any reviews currently available but concerning for a potential buyer.

I wonder/speculate whether early demand for this lens has lead to some issues with QC as the factory tries to satisfy orders

Thankfully, I'm in no real hurry so decided to hold off purchasing the lens for now. It's still top of my list but I really don't want to go through the hassle of buying and returning copies in the hope of finding a good one.

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