A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

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Re: I used to think that way.

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I shoot a lot in portrait orientation and thought the FALCD of my 70D was the best solution. Deep down, I always found the operation clumsy, but it worked. My first exposure to a tilting LCD was with the M3. The first time I rotated the M3 90 degrees, I realized the tilting screen was worthless.

The 70D was clumsy, but worked in all orientations. The M3 was really easy and quick, but barely usable. Then I discovered the rear screen on the Fuji X-T2. The X-T2 screen tilts up and down like the M3, but there is another hinge that also lets the screen rotate to towards the right side. For me, the X-T2 has the best possible design. All of the orientations I need are quickly accessible. The only negative to the Fuji design is there is no way to flip the screen around 180 degrees for selfies or vlogging, but those are two things I have no interest in doing

Just try the FZ .... it will go anyway.

What is the "FZ"?

Panasonic FZ-1000

That's identical to the Canon titl/swivel mechanism

I think the (Nikon) D5xxx is also the same, (but not sure) ... also not familiar w/ all Canons.

The Nikon D5xxx series uses the same cumbersome tilt/swivel mechanism as Canon. Same goes for Panasonic and Olympus.

It is only slow/cumbersome if you have nested it reversed, (for protection).

To then use it you must indeed "swing" it out. But that only takes "1" second and I usually do that immediately after I switch-on and I am then ready as soon as camera is.

However, you can also nest w/ LCD exposed and it then works 100% as normal LCD, (albeit un-protected as other LCD's are anyway).

I never reversed the screen "for protection", and it is still cumbersome.  To switch from landscape to portrait, you first need to swing the screen out at least 90 degrees.  Then, you need to rotate the screen 180 degrees.  Going back to landscape orientation is the reverse of this two step process.  With the Fuji mechanism, you just swing the screen 45 degrees and you're done.  Furthermore, the Fuji screen can be swung out and put back with a single finger.

Roughly one third of my photos are portrait orientation and I am constantly switching back and forth from landscape to portrait, and back again, during a photo shoot.  The two step process for a Canon titl/swivel LCD quickly becomes infuriating after this repeated back and forth and I usually just give up after a short while and just leave the screen against the body.  If you are doing slow and methodical shooting of landscapes or macros, the Canon tilt/swivel mechanism will be great.  For more frantic photography, the tilt/swivel mechanism is awful.

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