D700 VS D610 VS Fuji S5 highlight and burned image test.

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Re: D700 VS D610 VS Fuji S5 highlight and burned image test.

Andreascy wrote:

After viewing all these it seems that Fuji S5 its a king in high light recovery

I agree, the highlight recovery of the S5 Pro is in another league. Of course these days the whole exposure processing paradigm has flipped from highlight recovery to shadow recovery. Low noise CMOS sensors eventually caught up to the S5's incredible dynamic range by being able to expose for the highlights and bring up the shadows in post.

For me the S5 Pro now mainly represents an ability to get the rich colors of CCD with the fantastic dynamic range of a CMOS sensor. The one other thing worth mentioning is that the highlight roll off of the Fuji S5 is still softer than modern CMOS cameras which many find emulates the classic look of old school negative film.


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