Shooting experience in the cold : Iceland with the EM5-II

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Shooting experience in the cold : Iceland with the EM5-II

I have been travelling around Iceland for two weeks from mid-october to early november. I took my rather new-to-me EM5-II in my backpack and would like to share some pictures for constructive critique (my first such post...), as well as some feedback on my shooting experience in rather cold conditions.

Gear, weather conditions, and clothing :

I have been the happy owner of a second (it might actually be a third...) hand EM5-II for a few months. I packed it together with the single lens I own so far with this system : the Zuiko 12-40mm F2.8.

I explored (= short 2-4h hikes) the area around Reykjavik, the Snefellsness peninsula, and the south coast as far as where Höfn is located. Weather conditions went from harsch (-7°C at the lowest, with strong wind, and clouds) to rather mild (+7°C at the highest, with low to no wind, and no clouds).

Of course, I was wearing winter clothes. Regarding hands, wearing two pairs of gloves was mandatory : a first thin/thermal layer, and a second thick/thermal/windproof layer. My hands became rather large.

Shooting experience in cold conditions with the Em5-II :

Pros : My shooting experience is overall very satisfactory. I constantly hold the camera in hand secured with a wrist strap - sometimes on a sling - and never felt the weight. Given that, I'd like to point to a few minor but frustrating issues I encountered (see below...).

Cons :

- Using the AF-Lock button : I like to use the AF-Lock button to lock focus on my composition, and then use the shutter button to lock exposure. Using the - rather "far-away" and tiny - AF-Lock button while wearing gloves was a pain in the ass : I always had to press hard, and - sometimes - focus would be locked (= button would be pressed), but most of the time it wouldn't (= button would not be pressed enough). My partial work-around was to use Fn2 button as AF-Lock, but then I would sometimes hit the "Rec" button...

This really was a frustrating experience : I then discovered that, though the EM5-II is weather sealed and as such designed to be used in harsch conditions, in practice, button design cripples the possibilities. It even made me consider switching to the EM1-II whose button design seems more convenient.

- No response when turned on : During the harschest conditions, the camera would simply not turn on when the power switch was engaged. I then had to turn it off for a while, and sometimes even remove the battery, to make it effectively turn on. I unfortunately missed a few shots.

And some pictures :

I'm currently feeding a Flickr album :

A few shots :

Your comments/feedback are welcome.


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