Why no ultrafast MFT lenses?

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Re: Why no ultrafast MFT lenses?

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I promise this is not a trolling attempt, or trying to start another "FF vs. APS-C vs. MFT" nonsense discussion, but I am truly puzzled by this question and would like to know the answer, if anyone cares to offer one.

Why are there no ultrafast MFT (and to a lesser extent, APS-C) lenses?

Technically, someone *should* be able to make, for example, a 25mm f/0.9 MFT lens that isn't any bigger, heavier, more complex or more expensive than a FF f/1.8 lens. If Olympus or Panasonic could come up with something like that, they would sell like hotcakes, so the reasons are definitely not financial.

Or am I missing something? Non-optimal mount size? Non-optimal flange distance? Or are there some specific optical complications that arise once focal length goes below the diaphragm diameter (f stop goes below f/1.0) that I am not aware of?

I am truly curious about this, and would very much appreciate if someone could offer a logical explanation.

All the m43 pro f/1.2 are significantly faster than FF f/1.8 (the lens speed does not depend on a sensor size!). Moreover, all the m43 Pro lenses have significantly higher resolving power than the FF-s , except maybe the lenses of new generation from Leica, where, for example, Leica 50 mm f/1.4  weghts 1065 g  at a size of 88 mm*124mm.

All the old generation  so-called fast FF lenses are just  garbage in terms of their resolution power at open aperture.

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