A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

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Re: A MISTAKE to NOT have FA-LCD on M6 ???

Rock and Rollei wrote:

To be honest, to me it makes absolutely no real difference whatsoever. Fully articulated is maybe slightly more versatile, but is slightly slower, and slightly more awkward in some situations. I have cameras with both, and I just don't have a preference - it's really not something that makes that much difference to me. Last time I worried about it was when the EOS 6D was launched with a fixed screen, and then I realised that remote viewing with the phone app resolved the issue for me anyway
I'm surprised anyone is still surprised about the type of screen on the M6 II - it is after all the third iteration of this particular branch of the M family, after the M3 and M6, and all of them have had the same type of screen, so it can hardly be a mistake.

All good points.  I’ve used both kinds for many years too (my absolute fave was actually the swiveling  body  of the Sony F-series).

It’s just fun to debate these minor points tho.  


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