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What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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Re: What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

Ed B wrote:

Bill Faulding wrote:

For me, the best equivalent is the G5X MkII.

Alongside owning premium SLRs (currently a Canon 5D IV) I have always had a pocket sized camera. I had the LX3, LX5, LX7 and LX100. I loved the LX100 but my gripes with it were:

Greenish colour cast to images
Annoying lens cap
Lack of reach
Ease of focusing
Shortage of pixels

The GX5 fixes all of these ...

Canon colours - vibrant but still natural - superb
Integrated lens cover
120mm (equiv) zoom
Superb focusing

I tend to point it at stationary subjects. I look through the viewfinder and if the camera does not automatically select the bits I want to focus on, I just slide my thumb around on the screen and select a focus point, which the camera then tracks if i recompose - absolutely brilliant.

Also ...

It's smaller
It doesn't blow out the highlights and give you white skies instead of blue
Excellent touch screen
Logical Canon menu system

Lens is not quite as fast but it's very good.

Last week I took the same shot of a stately home with the G5XII and my 5D MkIV with a 16-35mm "L" lens and on the screen they were indistinguishable. Printed on A4 they are indistinguishable. If you pixel-peep you can see the superior sharpness of the SLR but why bother.
Highly recommended as the perfect replacement for an LX100.

See images attached. #12 with the G5, #13 with the 5DiV. These are downloads of uploads to Google photos, so they have been compressed automatically ...

Bill, I have nothing negative to say about any of Canon's cameras and have always liked Canon's colors but my experience with the LX100 (I actually have the Leica version) is quite a bit different than yours.

The D-Lux (type 109) is the smallest camera I have and it has a smaller sensor and fewer pixels than my other cameras but does a great job in a lot of different situations.

I've never had a problem with blown out skies or with autofocusing. Maybe I've just been lucky but my camera seems fine and I get no greenish color cast in my pictures.

I know a lot of people don't like a removable lens cap but any photographer who's used to dealing with interchangeable lenses almost considers it a norm. I just take it off and put it in my pocket when I'm using the camera.

Also these blade lens protectors need as much protecting as the lens. I really do not like them myself. I have them on my G5X Mk I and they always make me nervous if I hand the camera to someone else in case they press in these delicate blades. In fact I have a card in front of the bag to stop intrusion of any object pushing them in. Plenty of lens scratching problems listed in this forum over time.

I never took to this new G5X clone of the RX100 and bought the old version which is nice to handle even if dated in performance. Left eye dominance and my time struggling with a Sony HX90V viewfinder helped in that decision.

I also agree that many people might shy away from a camera that only has about 13 megapixels but, truth be known, that's more than enough for almost anything a person would need to do.

The first DSLR I bought was way back when Canon introduced their 10D camera and it only had 6-megapixels.

I was cropping, during post-processing, to improve framing/composition and printing some images larger than 8X10 without any problems.

I guess people who crop to extremes or landscape photographers who print their images would need more resolution but I think manufacturers and reviewers have overstated the "more is better" thing when it comes to megapixels.

Anyway, the G5X picture you posted looks great to me and I think you're right that it looks just as good as the DSLR with the L lens.

I also agree that if a person wanted to replace the LX100 (original or II) the Canon would be a good choice.

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