"the kind of detail which X-Trans sensors find hard to resolve"

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Re: ED vs workflow

crosson wrote:

stevo23 wrote:

Yes, it's cumbersome as is, but a lot less cumbersome than going out and developing my .raf files in Iridient Developer or C1 and having to import .tif files that can't take the camera profiles. And Iridient Transformer gives little to no benefit.

I am a bit confused here. C1 natively supports your camera and all of its lenses, along with lens specific profiles and ect. You shouldn't have to do anything with .tif files.

C1 is not a comparison to iridient. Iridient is an augmentation to your workflow. C1 replaces LR all together. You wouldn't import from one and into the other.

Apologies if I misunderstood you.

I believe stevo23 is saying it’s less cumbersome than using C1 to demosaic the raw and then exporting that raw image to a .tif for subsequent processing in Lightroom.

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