Editing software on iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Editing software on iPhone 11 Pro Max

TL;DR: Is there a single app in which I can record in 4k, stabilize shaky footage as I record (or after that), then sharpen, crop to 1080p and export the video in high quality?

Bonus points if the app can also do Selective Color (edit selected hues only without contaminating others), extra bonus points if the digital stabilization is really good.

The long version

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to ask for opinions and help with the following:

I recently bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max because I wanted to try and take some videos of tiny (5 - 10 mm) objects with it, as well as for general non-professional videography. I do otherwise have a nice macro setup so this is just an extra, something to use on the go (because the DLSR and lenses are way too massive to drag around with me every day). The results of course will never look as professional as a proper camera, but I'm trying to push this as far as I can.

My basic use case is the following:

1) Take videos in an app that has image stabilisation, video cropping and exports in fine quality/bitrate/resolution. The idea is to use either the inbuilt telephoto (2x) or an external telephoto (Moment, Sandmarc) mounted on the inbuilt 1x.*

* Why not macro? Because the tiny working distances of 1-2" on mobile macros mean that the objects will invariably end up being shaded too much for the footage to be of use. I need natural daylight to fall onto them directly, and if I get too close the stuff ends up all darkened.

2) Import the videos into a color editing app, before finally exporting them and uploading them.

I'd like to do as much editing as possible on the phone/iPad, so I can get away from the computer. What I'd need out of software is the following:

1) Selective color editing

- similarly to how Photoshop allows the editing of saturation, hue components and tone in each separate hue, I'd need something like that for the mobile market. Ex. if you have a video of a yellow flower in a green field and you only want to make the flower more saturated without contaminating the greens, browns and blues around it. There's a single app I've found that does it so far, but it doesn't enable video recording (or have any features for that except editing already taken videos).

2) Image stabilisation

- gimbals are great and all but inbuilt would be better in my daily life as I'm really trying to get away from carrying lots of gear around. The iPhone's 2x telephoto does produce some shaky footage on closeups and I'm working on steadying my hand but it really isn't enough on its own. I've found Emulsio to be amazing at stabilizing but the app unfortunately degrades quality pretty heavily on export. I've also bought Deshake but for some reason can't get it to work at all (yet).

3) Cropping in squares and exporting in 1080 x 1080

- this function is simply to prepare the (hopefully) sharp and clear video for social media.

To summarize:

- shoot in 4k stabilized or stabilize well in post -> sharpen -> crop -> resize to 1080p -> export in high quality. All hopefully within a single app. Bonus, edit selected hues only (not mandatory since I have a separate app for that).

Currently considering:

FilmicPro, Lumafusion, Mavis and Camera+2 but unclear on whether or not they would fit.

Any help, if possible, would be greatly appreciated!

I'm sorry if the post looks chaotic, I was trying to explain all the different necessities.

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