Canon1D MKIV sharpness in low light

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Canon1D MKIV sharpness in low light

Hi All,

New to this forum ... first post

I recently "upgraded" to a used Canon 1D MK4 having had a 7D MK1 since they were released. This is my first "pro" camera and I am super excited to finally be able to afford one.

I have a quick question please....

I don’t usually shoot with a tripod but today I did a test with one and was very surprised by the results ... I have a Canon f2.8 MK1 and setup this up with a 1.4xTC and then aimed this at a small stick some distance away ... about 6 meters away. I also used a remote shutter release to ensure I was not shaking the setup with my hands.

I set the camera to H speed and then fired off as many shots as possible (think it works out to 13) on H speed. The light was poor and with ISO at 400 and in Av mode, I could only get a SS of 1/40.

The results: ... just about every shot was badly blurred. With IS on or off, no real difference. I think it has to do with the shudder the camera experiences during operation from the mirror as I can see that the first and last images a somewhat sharper than the others whereas the middle ones are very blurred.

Ever since getting the camera I have thought that the mirror clap on this camera is significantly "heavier" than the 7D .... any comments on this would be appreciated please



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