What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

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Re: What is Canon's equivalent to Panasonic's LX100?

Ken Prager wrote:

Thanks Bill! That’s a good endorsement!!

Ken, I don't currently own a Canon camera but I can tell you that Canon "colors" are basically better than Panasonic's and that's one of the main reasons many people might prefer a Canon over the LX100 camera.

Now, a lot of that is subjective and based on personal opinion and I placed the word color in quotation marks because I'm talking about straight out of the camera JPEG images and not about raw images or JPEG images that have been post-processed.

Even in DPR's review of the LX100, they said that the camera's JPEG images, straight out of the camera, might not be to everyone's liking.

Like I said in another comment, I have the Leica equivalent of the LX100 (I'm 99% sure they're the same, inside) and I don't have any complaints about the image quality or colors but I post-process every image I intend to keep.

I think the LX100 is a much better camera than many people realize but, even though I like the camera I can understand why many people prefer Canon's color science (JPEG processing algorithms) and believe JPEG images, straight out of most Canon compact cameras have colors that are "better" than the LX100.

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