Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

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Re: Best backpack / rucksack for hiking photographers

N Smith wrote:

Great thread and oh so true!

Thanks N.

I spent ages looking for a setup that worked for me and used the Jack Wolfskin ACS photopack for a while as it had a decent harness and trampoline back. Unfortunately the hip belt was not so good, there was not much room for any other gear and the pack was a little too short.

Well, good on JW to at least make an attempt at a photo TMP pack (AFAIK they are the only ones so far) but according to one of our members who owned that pack as well as the smaller brother, execution is indeed quite poor. Outside of the uncomfortable belt he also found that the location of the tripod mount blocks rear-access to his gear and he questions the decision to place that weirdly angled top handle above not just one but two zippers. If you have all your equipment in there, pick up your bag, and one zippper rips everything comes crashing out...

Again, you won't see this kind of dumb design on a good hiking pack. There's a reason they saw the top handle to the frame of the pack.

Since then I've witched to an Osprey Stratos with a camera bag insert. The side zipper allows access to my gear without having to open the top flap if I need to.

I still don't know why none of the camera backpack companies or even a company like Peak Design still haven't brought out a backpack with a decent carrying system for photography gear.

Yup, it's mystifying. As I posted elsewhere, AFAIK there aren't major patent issues or high licensing fees on the TMP. They all seem to make bags targeted to geeks and to ignore both Global Warming and the outdoors/hiking market which is exploding worldwide. Doesn't make much business sense, does it?.

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