Drone Snapshot of South Florida Everglades - 1080p

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Re: Drone Snapshot of South Florida Everglades - 1080p

Morris0 wrote:

Randy2468 wrote:

Was out enjoying the nice weather on the edge of the Florida Everglades today. Took my older drone and just got a few images. Thought maybe someone far up North might enjoy seeing what the Everglades look like.

This is a little Recreation Area set aside by the county for fishing and sunset watching. There are some spectacular sunsets over the everglades. I'll get some shots on another visit and post them. Hundreds of square miles of nothing but swamp and marshlands.

The area shown may look like grass, but it's all in about 5 feet of standing water. There are probably a dozens of alligators lurking in this shot. Maybe hundreds. You can't walk out there. It's nearly impenetrable except by air boat.

I had the same view of the Everglades till I spent time in them with a guide biologist from the Miami Zoo on a tour sponsored by Smithsonian. They are amazingly varied and include Islands with Mahogany growing on them. The islands start out as mangroves that allow earth to slowly build around the routes of cypress trees. An air boat is way too fast to appreciate what is there, try a canoe or for the ultimate experience wade in the 2 to 3 foot waters. There are lots of gators some places yet very few others. Don't just wade in, go with someone that knows the safe places. I'm surprised your aerial photo don't show white birds as they seem to be most everywhere. Your photos do show the diversity of plant life as there are clusters of cypress in some spots and grass in others.


That's me down there in the dark T shirt. Coordinates included in case someone wanted to see the area on Google Maps.

Down close to the ground, this is what it looks like. Dense, tall grass all growing up out of standing water several feet deep.

Thanks Morris,

Between the alligators, pythons and mosquitoes, I'm hesitant to venture out there without a very good guide....and LOTS of repellent.   I've never seen anyone wading in the waters out there.   I'm surprised people do.   Now that you mention the white birds, you're right.   I don't see them as often as I used to.   There is a serious problem with pythons in the everglades as South Florida has become over populated and many people release their "pet" pythons into the everglades.   It's so bad that the state now has full time python hunters on the payroll hunting them down trying to reduce the numbers.  The Pythons are having a devastating effect on wild life in the Everglades.

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